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Roundtable: Confederate Supply & Logistics

Speaker Zachary Pittard will discuss “Considering What Has Been Said of Their Condition:’ Confederate Supply and Logistics.” Civil War armies were no different than any other army at any time… Read more »

Roundtable: Baseball in the Civil War

Join speaker Jerry Desmond, Executive Director of Pamplin Historical Park as he shares a history and stories from America’s pastime with his presentation titled, “It Will Repair Our Losses and… Read more »

Roundtable: The Fight for the Old North State

Speaker Hampton Newsome will discuss the fighting and struggles during the Civil War in North Carolina in his presentation titled, “The Fight for the Old North State.” In early January… Read more »

Roundtable: The New Market Campaign

Join speaker Sarah Bierle as she discusses “The New Market Campaign.” The Battle of New Market took place on May 15, 1864 during what is known as the Valley Campaigns… Read more »

Roundtable: Fredericksburg’s Forgotten Fight

Join speaker Frank O’Reilly who will discuss “Fredericksburg’s Forgotten Fight”. The Petersburg Civil War Roundtable (PCWRT) will meet the first Thursday of each month at Pamplin Historical Park and the… Read more »

Roundtable: The Lawrence, Kansas Massacre

Join speaker Matthew Hulbert, author and professor as he discusses “The Lawrence, Kansas Massacre”. The irregular warfare along the borderlands of Missouri and Kansas saw guerrilla fighters known as pro-Confederate… Read more »

Roundtable: The Lee-Jackson Partnership

Join speaker Christopher Keller as he discusses command decision-making from his book, “The Lee-Jackson Partnership.” The Petersburg Civil War Roundtable (PCWRT) will meet the first Thursday of each month at Pamplin… Read more »