Pamplin Board Room

The Pamplin Board Room is a 1,120-square-foot interactive exhibit that focuses on the lives of two of America’s most successful businessmen, Robert B. Pamplin, Sr. and Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. The exhibit features a touch-screen kiosk, 13 wall panels adorned with Presidential letters, photographs, books, awards, and news and magazine articles. Family albums and scrapbooks provide visitors with a better understanding of the Pamplins’ dedication to family, history and education.  Dr. Pamplin is the visionary behind the creation of Pamplin Historical Park and its major benefactor.

Two Pamplin Heritage movies may be viewed in the Board Room. “A Place Apart,” is a 70-minute real-life story of Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr.’s “rat” year at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the lessons of honor, loyalty, integrity and courage that he learned there. “The Other Shore: An American Journey” is a 93-minute 1000-year family saga of the Pamplin family, rich with drama and historical re-creations, that is sure to bring the American experience to life for every family.

The Pamplin Board Room is also the perfect setting for small, private meetings, seating up to 14 people.

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