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Roundtable: The Lawrence, Kansas Massacre

Join speaker Matthew Hulbert, author and professor as he discusses “The Lawrence, Kansas Massacre”. The irregular warfare along the borderlands of Missouri and Kansas saw guerrilla fighters known as pro-Confederate… Read more »

Breakthrough Battle Anniversary

Join us as we remember the 156th Anniversary of the Breakthrough Battle which ended the Petersburg Campaign and forced the Confederate withdrawal from Richmond. The Park hosts a schedule of… Read more »

Roundtable: The Lee-Jackson Partnership

Join speaker Christopher Keller as he discusses command decision-making from his book, “The Lee-Jackson Partnership.” The Petersburg Civil War Roundtable (PCWRT) will meet the first Thursday of each month at Pamplin… Read more »

Fall Home School Day

Students will be led through three of the Park’s established education programs: “The Civil War- Why They Fought,” which helps explain why the nation came to war with itself; “Civil… Read more »

War in the Pacific Living History Event

This living history event brings to life the experiences of fighting in the Pacific Theater and the home front during World War II. Guests will have the opportunity to learn… Read more »