Camp Programs

What will you wear? When will you eat? Where will you sleep? How will you survive?

CWAC chow timeArriving at camp, your commanding officer will instruct you and fellow recruits on the logistics and activities that await you. New recruits are processed, mustered into the army, and issued uniforms. Privates’ dress out in our full service locker and restroom facility leaving their modern possessions behind as the call of bugles and your officers’ commands replace the daily routine of 21st century life.

As new recruits, your squad will train to move as one. Armed with wooden “muskets” you will practice basic maneuvers and weaponry care. After drilling, an authentic Civil War-era meal satisfies your hunger. Later, you will learn how to communicate with fellow soldiers using signal flags, and participate in a medical program.

CWAC Civl War pass timesAs darkness approaches, the light of lanterns and the smell of the campfire heighten one’s senses. The haunting melody of Taps signals to soldiers a time to rest.

Awakened by the bugler’s call the next morning, you must prepare yourself for the challenge of a skirmish, confront the enemy with the firing of a mortar, and possibly even fire a musket.

*Daytime Adventures include many, but not all of the activities described above.