Featured Items of the Month

We continue to expand our Civil War Store offerings and what could be more appropriate for the holidays than toy soldiers from the W. Britain Company.

These limited production pieces are great now, for holiday gift-giving to surprise that history lover in your life. Each piece is a work of art, hand-made by artisans. The individual figures stand approximately 2.5 to 3 inches tall. This assortment of products represents only a fraction of what W. Britain offers and there’s always new products coming out. So continue to check back for updates.

The W. Britain website traces their origins to today by saying:     

“It all began in 1893, prior to this W. Britain had produced a number of mechanical toys with varied success, but in 1893 William Britain Senior cracked the hollowcast toy soldier process and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“W. Britain … produces some of the most authentic, historically accurate figures researched in partnership with world renowned military museums and are sculpted by military historians. If you have never collected toy soldiers before, now is a great time to start and join the thousands of collectors around the world who love the figures this 127 year old company are still producing!”

These featured items are available to order and ship now by calling (804) 861-2408. Applicable Virginia resident taxes and any shipping fees are in addition to the listed product prices.