The Encampment

On this land, soldiers fought bravely during the Battle of Harmon Road on October 2, 1864. Exactly six months later, 14,000 Union soldiers launched a massive assault that overran the Confederate line. This battle – called the Petersburg Breakthrough – caused an irreparable breach in Gen. Robert E. Lee’s defenses southwest of Petersburg, forcing Lee to withdraw his army from Petersburg and Richmond. The battlefield has been declared a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service.

The Civil War Adventure Camp’s reconstructed encampment is equipped with a cookhouse, field hospital, and some sixty acres of open ground for programming. The haunting melody of Taps signals the end of a soldier’s day as privates settle in for the evening. Sleeping accommodations include recreated four-person huts and fourteen-person barracks with wood burning stoves, plus five two person-tents on platforms.