Civil War Adventure Camp Rules and Requirements

Pamplin Historical Park is listed on the Virginia and National Register of Historic Places and the Breakthrough Battlefield is a National Historic Landmark. The natural and historic resources of the Civil War Adventure Camp will be treated with respect at all times.

The Park discourages participants from bringing unnecessary 21st-century products into camp (excluding medicine). This includes cell phones, pagers, electronic games, CD players, water guns, reading materials, snacks and drinks. Medication prescribed by a physician may be carried in each participant’s haversack.

Recruits may be contacted in the event of an emergency at (804) 712-2180.

Smoking of tobacco products is to be conducted in designated smoking areas at the Civil War Adventure Camp. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING will be permitted inside any Civil War Adventure Camp building. The use of period tobacco products will be permitted in camp in the form of period pipes, period cigars, snuff, and chewing tobacco by individuals 18 years old and older.

Adult supervision of recruits is required at all times for the duration of the Civil War Adventure Camp. Adults may not leave the camp at any time except in the event of an emergency.

Recruits are responsible for all equipment provided by PHP for use in the camp.

No personal firearms or edged weapons are allowed in camp.

All firearms used in the program (both real and training) will be treated as if they were loaded and will NOT be pointed at anyone.

Camp participants will not fuel fires in either fire pits or stoves except with the explicit permission of a Civil War Adventure Camp staff member.

Alcohol and drugs are not to be used by participants during the camp experience.

Recruits who have reproduction clothing appropriate to the Civil War period will be allowed to wear it at their own discretion. Pamplin Historical Park and the Civil War Adventure Camp are not responsible for any damage to personal clothing as a result of participating in activities related to the Civil War Adventure Camp.